The Best Ways to Use Social Networks From Your Smartphone

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be accessed from your desktop, laptop, mobile tablet, or smartphone. While it’s all well and good to get on social media from your computer, you’re not always going to have it in front of you when you want to post a status update or tweet. You will, however, have your smartphone in your pocket or purse most of the time. This makes your smartphone an important asset when it comes to maintaining your online social media presence.

Download the Apps

Don’t open your Web browser each time you need to get to your social network. Instead, download the application made specifically for your network, like the BlackBerry Facebook app or the iPhone Twitter app. Applications make it easier to gain access to your account, because all you have to do is tap the icon on your phone’s home screen and your social networking page appears. You remain logged in perpetually, so you don’t have to enter your username and password every time you want to get to your account.

Get Push Notifications
Push notifications let you get a message on your phone whenever someone sends you a Facebook comment or wants to add you as a friend. While notifications are not available for all social media platforms, you should take advantage of them if you are using your social networks on a professional level. You will be able to reply to your fans’ feedback and comments much more quickly, and you won’t have to obsessively open the application to find out if you have new messages and friend requests waiting for you. Even if you use your smartphone for social networking on a personal level, push notifications can still be useful.

Use Your Camera
Since one of the major advantages of using social media from a smartphone is that you always have the camera on your device with you: make use of it! Snap images of your surroundings and show them off on Facebook, especially if you are at an important event or other noteworthy place.