Toshiba Announced Glasses-free QFHD 3D TV

CES was full of amazing new products, but Toshiba’s new QFHD television might have been the most impressive television set demonstrated. A few aspects of the set are eye-catching, but the resolution and the unique 3D technology might be the most noteworthy. Let’s take a closer look.

The resolution of the set is simply stunning. The best sets on the market currently boast 1080p resolution, and has been considered the standard for high-definition content. This standard has stood for over a decade. It seemed like only a matter of time before that resolution was bested, and Toshiba’s done it in a big way. That’s because the Toshiba QFHD television is among the first to offer a 4K resolution. This resolution is roughly four times as clear and detailed as 1080p. Although the CES model was listed as having this 4K resolution, the set that Toshiba has announced is being released to the US market is going to feature a 3840 x 2160 display. This isn’t quite 4K, but it’s still extremely close.

To give a better perspective on what 4K is, it’s almost the resolution of 35mm cinema film. While the 4K resolution is amazing, there is currently no home media available at such a high-resolution. Of course, this is only because there aren’t currently sets that support it. Once TV’s such as Toshiba’s QFHD display make their way to market, satellite providers such as directv Iowa will start to supply appropriate content. For now, though, consumers who buy the set will have to make due with converting their current media.

Besides the unprecedented picture quality, the other interesting aspect of the QFHD set is the 3D capabilities. While the majority of 3D sets on the market need the use of cumbersome glasses to achieve the effect, Toshiba’s set features glasses-free 3D technology. Viewers can sit at nearly any angle and experience the TV’s 3D. This is made possible by a camera that rests in the back of the TV, tracking viewer movement and adjust the display so that what’s being displayed is always at the appropriate angle to the viewer.

Toshiba’s got a real winner on its hands with this set. The QFHD display represents a leap forward for the home cinema industry. Just as 1080p was the gold standard for many years, TV’s with Toshiba’s new 4K resolution look like they will one day become the new standard.